WTE: St. Louis

If you’re headed to St. Louis, you need to know the food is as good as the sights!

Pappy’s Smokehouse BBQ
If you have planned a trip to St. Louis you probably have some classic midwestern BBQ on your itinerary somewhere. A great place to visit is Pappy’s Smokehouse on Olive Street in downtown St. Louis. Be sure to get there early, lines usually head out the door and wrap around the block. You’ll also need to know that when they sell out they close up shop for the day. Local’s Tip: If Pappy’s is sold out head over to Bogart’s Smokehouse, they were trained by same Pit Master!
If you need a restaurant with gluten free and vegan options definitely head down to Grapeseed, just south of the city. This restaurant is perfect for small plates and cocktails and best of all it is farm to table!


Ices Plain and Fancy 

Ices is a local ice cream parlor known for it’s unique way of serving up its scoops. Ices flash churns your made to order ice cream using liquid nitrogen! The flavors (and the show!) are out of this world.



– Haley Ennis (Washington D.C.)

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